Domaine Coste-Caumartin

New winemaker, old domaine. Really old. The history of this estate dates back to the time of the Dukes of Burgundy (1000 to 1400), the origins of buildings of the winery grounds are from 1610 (note the photo below of the well completed in 1641), and the winery has been in the same family hands since 1793. Benoît Sordet took over control of this ancient 13 hectare family estate in 2014 and has really added new verve and energy to the wines. Benoît blends traditional Burgundian know-how with respect for the environment, providing emphasis on tailor-made soil maintenance including limiting surface rooting in favor of deeper root systems to better resist drought. The results have gained critical acclaim as he produces red Beaunes that are imbued with finesse, Pommards with age-worthy richness, and white Beaunes and Saint-Romains of surprising depth.


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Beaune "Les Chouacheux" 

Saint-Romain "Le Clos du Château" (Monopole) 
Saint-Romain "Sous le Château"  


Beaune "Les Chouacheux”
Pommard "Le Clos des Boucherottes" (Monopole)  
Pommard "Les Fremiers" 
Pommard "La Refène"

Pommard "La Rue au Port" 
Pommard "Les Vignots"  

Each plot has its own identity, and we seek to reflect the diversity of our terroir. We also regularly adjust our vinification processes as each vintage has its own character

- Benoît Sordet, Domaine Coste-Caumartin