The where and the why

What was “your bottle of Burgundy?” The one that opened your eyes, and subsequently damaged your wallet. Mine? 1970 Georges De Vogue Musigny (for $20!). I was commuting to a summer job in college with a friend who knew about wine, and like a dope dealer, he plied me with similar amusements all summer. By the time I returned to school, I was organizing tastings. Slowly I built and built my inventory, until it reached silly levels and my wife accused me of having a problem. I’m sure my story is not unusual.

I joined, dropped, and joined some more mailing lists from great wineries in the US. I’ve long lamented that these lists were for domestic wine only, while specific examples of Burgundy were harder to find than the Napa stuff. One day while in Burgundy (again), I decided that the system which underserved American collectors needed disruption. Using an ecommerce engine coupled with an innovative importer, BurgDirect was born! It’s hard to envision this solving my hoarding problem.

- Jeff Rubin


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